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Why Use Sharpesoft Construction Software?

Sharpesoft Construction Software is an organized and efficient site filled with helpful tools, resources, and personalized assistance to give you streamlined control over all of your projects.

Sharpesoft’s mission is to save you time and money while providing user-friendly solutions and service, which it has been doing effectively for the past thirty-five years.

Sharpesoft is Personalized to Your Needs

Sharpesoft is especially helpful because of how easy it is to customize. The website was made by estimators, contractors, engineers, owners, and inspectors to fit your individual needs.

Because of this, Sharpesoft also has plenty of resources to help you manage all of your projects.

  • Need an estimate? Use our Sharpesoft estimator software.

  • Want to track job progress from the field? Use our Mobile Foreman and Field Reporter softwares.

  • Still need help tracking workflow efficiency and accuracy? Use our Integrated Project Management services.

Sharpesoft has efficient solutions and twenty-four seven assistance to help you manage all your needs!

Sharpesoft Estimator

Sharpesoft estimator is an easy to use tool, which was ranked number one in the industry in price to performance benchmarks. This software will save you time,

money, and provide efficient service while organizing your costs and bidding.

Advantages of Sharpesoft Estimator:

  • Offers easy to understand training sessions

  • Estimates can be updated with just one click

  • It’s affordable, and pays for itself

  • Offers excellent service to civil construction contractors of all sizes


Sharpesoft Mobile Foreman/Field Reporter

The Mobile Foreman app is the companion of the Sharpesoft Field Reporter System, and it functions to keep its users updated on their jobsite activity.

These apps build on each other to create a well balanced system to organize your production, labor, materials, equipment, and more.

Advantages of Sharpesoft Mobile Foreman and Field Reporter:

  • Makes tracking job progress on the field easy from a phone or tablet

  • Internet isn't required to create and edit, and your data will save and sync with your Field Reporter Database as soon as internet is available

  • Multiple foremen can use the device to update progress across different shifts

  • Reduces data entry time when keeping track of crews by allowing you to match the hours your operators work to their equipment


Sharpesoft Integrated Project Management

The Sharpesoft Integrated Project Management is a powerful tool for agencies, departments, and firms involved in infrastructure construction.

This tool was designed to increase workflow efficiency and accuracy, which it does through integrating all of its functions into a single user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Advantages of Integrated Project Management:

  • Designed specifically for local agencies

  • Inspectors will receive alerts if the publication expiration is near and they have not yet synchronized their systems in order to prevent data loss.

  • All information on projects is centrally located and easy to access because of the Microsoft® SQL Server® database platform

  • Provides a variety of features for all project management functions, such as planning, budgeting, bid management, progress tracking, and contract administration.


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