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Track jobsite progress on your handheld device


Field Tracking Features Management Features

  • Tracks daily employee hours & overtime 

  • Advanced job cost analysis

  • Tracks daily item progress 

  • Assign jobs to foremen to limit their access to only those jobs

  • Tracks labor hours per classification and area 

  • Employee and equipment hours reporting

  • Tracks daily equipment hours and quantities 

  • Employee status management

  • Tracks materials by usage and cost 

  • Rental usage history

  • Automatic entry of equipment linked to employees 

  • Job and foreman performance analysis

  • Standard notes 

  • Progress payment quantities for fast and accurate billing

  • Floating keyboard widget for fast entry of hours & quantities 

  • Optional browser-based cloud interface

  • Record daily weather conditions 

  • Adjustable sync interval*

  • Record daily Jobsite notes (supports most third-party speech-to-text and/or spell-checking keyboards)

  • Assign jobs to a foreman to limit their access to only those  jobs

  • iPad recommended, but iPhone also supported

*Automatic synchronization through SharpeSoft Cloud Services (requires Sync Server annual maintenance subscription)


**SharpeSoft Field Reporter required for management features (sold separately)

Narrow the gap between profit and profitability by using SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman to easily track job progress from the field on a tablet or phone and send the data to your office in real-time for quick analysis and accounting.


Mobile  Foreman is a companion app for users of the SharpeSoft Field Reporter™ system that provides advanced tracking of Jobsite activity and costs so that your decisions are informed by the most accurate production and labor, material, and equipment usage data.


Designed for all types of heavy construction, Mobile Foreman provides your field personnel with a better and easier way to collect data and sync it in real-time with your Field Reporter system.

SharpeSoft Mobile  Foreman Advantages

  • Advanced job costing analysis shows where you are making money and – more importantly – where you may be losing money so that you can make immediate corrections. 

  • No need for Saving, Sending, or Syncing data. You can create and edit dallies even without the internet, and the system will sync automatically with your Field Reporter database when you are connected.*

  • Multiple foremen can use the same device so that it can be shared through multiple shifts. 

  • Tracks employee hours for labor classification, labor areas, and linked equipment, for precise costing and easier union/prevailing wage compliance. 

  • Significantly reduces data entry time when tracking large crews by allowing you to easily match the hours your operators work to their equipment. 

  • With uploads from the SharpeSoft Field Reporter to most accounting systems, you can import payroll quickly and  efficiently 

  • Seamless workflow integration with SharpeSoft Estimator and SharpeSoft Field Reporter systems (both sold  separately)

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