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Bid your first job in 24 hours

Estimator Express

The most affordable bidding software on the market

Online training to help first-time bidders

Clean UI for advanced users and beginners

Pre-built database to ensure more winning bids

Over 37 years serving contractors, now in the cloud.

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Bid Jobs in 10 Minutes

Perfect for contractors and service providers who need to bid quickly, accurately, and close more deals.

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Cloud Bidding In 24 Hours.

Ease Of Use
Accurate Database
White Glove Setup
Beginners Or Advanced Bidders

Estimator Express 
Accessible in the Cloud

Quickly build an estimate out from start to finish in just 10 minutes. The SharpeSoft Estimator is the most efficient and affordably priced estimating software on the market today.

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The Summary window provides a recap of all job costs and allows for the most comprehensive markup configurations available -- no other system compares!

Rounding Sheet

The Rounding Sheet provides for automatic rounding or balancing of unit prices as well as manually adjusting individual bid prices. For jobs with alternates, totals are displayed for each defined bid package while can also be locked.

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Material, Labor, and, Equipment Detail

Calculate the exact dimensions of any trench you may need with the Trench Profiler. Enter exact dimensions of each fill section, materials, and pipes to be used, and let the system automatically calculate the volume and spoilage.


Generate one of dozens of different reports, customized to your exact specifications. Selection and processing options allow total customization, (Reports are instantly available - no saving, no exporting), even including your company logo in proposals!

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Suitable for any market or segment-size company/new startup.

A faster and more streamlined setup process then our enterprise Estimator Software.

Save countless hours of time dedicated to data entry by reusing completed bid items from past jobs that have been saved to your library.

In addition, you can create reusable crews and assemblies with all of their labor, equipment, materials, trucking, and other items and then load them into the estimate as a single unit, saving even more data entry time.

Bid Winning Jobs In 10-Minutes.

If you need to get the bid out quickly, you can have multiple estimators work on the same job - even the same bid item - at the same time, and all of their work is automatically applied and saved in real-time.


Maximize the accuracy of your cost detail by breaking your bid items into unlimited levels and sub-item levels, so that every cost for a work item is accounted for.

The Estimator Express has a comprehensive security system that allows you to set user access to prevent unauthorized changes to estimates, labor rates, equipment rates, company information, etc.

You can pre-set security for individual users and/or customizable user groups.

User Friendly Estimating Software

Built on the proven platform of Microsoft SQL Server, and ranked #1 in the industry in price-to-performance benchmarks, SharpeSoft Estimator offers excellent performance and scalability for civil construction contractors of all sizes.

By far, the most user-friendly system available, without sacrificing advanced features and functionality.

Schedule an online demonstration or give one of our representatives a call at 800-777-0786 for information on how SharpeSoft Estimator can help you bid more jobs in less time, win more bids, and increase your bottom line.

What Clients Say

"We have employed estimators that have used other competitors products, such as HCSS in the past. Once they use Sharpesoft, they are amazed with how easy it is to use and how powerful the software is. We have acquired over $500 Million dollars worth of work using Sharpesoft Estimator."

Watch us bid a job in 10-minutes.

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