Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Estimating Programs

We talk to contractors all of the time who, when asked about purchasing cost estimating software, tell us that they simply cannot afford to make such a costly investment. This is understandable since many systems do come with an eyebrow-raising price tag. However, a closer look shows that a comprehensive system like SharpeSoft Estimator actually pays for itself by helping you to bid more jobs in less time and through higher profit margins from improved accuracy, efficiency and the elimination of costly errors.

How does the system pay for itself?

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Construction Job Costing Software

SAVING TIME… The biggest return you will see on your software investment is in timesaving. By allowing you to reuse past job estimates and create reusable bid item masters, trench profiles, crews and assemblies, SharpeSoft Estimator makes bidding jobs faster than you ever thought possible. In fact, clients have reported that Estimator helped them to increase their bid volume by 5-10 times, allowing them to bid more jobs in less time and increase their share of awarded contracts.