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SharpeSoft Inc. was founded in 1986 by a civil construction contractor who was so discouraged with the estimating software available at the time he decided to develop his own.  All of the systems that he had tried actually made bidding harder because they did not mesh with the way estimators really worked. They were rigid, unintuitive, and unrealistic as if designed by programmers who had no real-world civil construction experience.

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His solution was simple and practical - use the same terminology and methods used by real estimators.  Make bidding faster by utilizing reusable bid items and by allowing multiple users to work on a job at the same time.  Allow bid items to be broken down into multiple levels for exacting accuracy.  Make the interface simple and intuitive so that even those with very little computer experience can use the system.

Although he designed it for his own use, he shared his system with friends and colleagues, who also found it superior to the systems they had been using.  As word spread, people started offering to buy the program and SharpeSoft was born.

Fast forward 30 years and our systems remain the most comprehensive and user-friendly software solutions available for civil construction contracting and project management.

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