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Get to Know SharpeSoft's Construction Software Solutions

The construction industry is a dynamic sector that requires software solutions that can meet its demands. SharpeSoft offers construction management software solutions to increase speed, efficiency, and productivity. These software solutions have been developed specifically for the heavy civil construction industry.

In this blog, we'll explore SharpeSoft's construction software solutions and how these technologies can help heavy civil construction foreman, bidders, estimators, and contractors stay ahead.

Get to Know SharpeSoft's Construction Software Solutions

Table of Contents:

  1. What is SharpeSoft?

  2. Why Consider SharpeSoft?

  3. SharpeSoft's Construction Software Solutions

  4. The SharpeSoft Estimator

  5. SharpeSoft's Field Reporter

  6. Integrated Project Management (IPM)

  7. SharpeSoft's Mobile Foreman

  8. MatConnect & SubConnect

  9. BidConnect

  10. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

What is digital construction estimating software?

Construction estimating software is a computer program that aids contractors and businesses in automating the estimation process for project bids. Various types of businesses utilize estimates to present new projects to clients.

Who uses construction software?

The users of construction management software encompass a wide range of professionals, including owners, managers, home builders, general contractors, remodelers, subcontractors, architects, and engineers.

What is SharpeSoft?

SharpeSoft is a leading provider of construction software solutions specializing in heavy civil construction. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that help streamline and optimize workflows, automate processes, track projects in real time, and manage resources more effectively.

From tendering to project close-out, SharpeSoft delivers a range of powerful software tools that help construction businesses of all sizes manage every aspect of their projects from start to finish. With over 35 years of providing construction management software and around-the-clock, 24/7 customer support, we've gained a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions and services.

Our team continuously strives to innovate and evolve our software solutions to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve in their field.

Why Consider SharpeSoft?

At SharpeSoft, we understand that heavy civil construction can be complex and challenging. That's why we have dedicated our expertise to providing innovative construction management software solutions that cater specifically to your needs.

Our software is designed to streamline your processes, provide real-time data, and increase productivity. With SharpeSoft by your side, you can trust that your business will be equipped with the latest technologies and supported by a friendly and knowledgeable team.

SharpeSoft's Construction Software Solutions

The construction industry is evolving rapidly as technology takes over many of the manual tasks that were previously time-consuming and prone to errors. In the past, construction professionals had to rely on traditional bidding, estimating, and project management methods, which involved a lot of paperwork, back-and-forth communication, and tedious calculations.

Today, with powerful construction software solutions like SharpeSoft, contractors, bidders, estimators, and foremen can streamline workflow, accelerate project delivery, and increase profit margins.

Continue reading to learn more.

The SharpeSoft Estimator

SharpeSoft's Estimator is a powerful tool to help you create accurate and detailed project cost estimates. It's intuitive, efficient, and flexible, making it the ideal solution for project estimators, bidders, and contractors.

The software solution has a built-in database containing thousands of construction items with predefined pricing, making it easier to create estimates quickly. The SharpeSoft Estimator also provides real-time updates, so you can adjust your estimates on the fly as you continue to work on your project.

SharpeSoft's Field Reporter

The SharpeSoft Field Reporter is a construction management software solution that helps construction professionals in the field streamline field data collection, reporting, and analysis. With the SharpeSoft Field Reporter, you can easily capture field data using innovative technology and integrate it with your project management software.

The software solution also allows you to create customized field reports, daily logs, and inspection checklists, making it easier for you to maintain an accurate record of your project's progress.

Integrated Project Management (IPM)

Integrated Project Management (IPM) by SharpeSoft is a comprehensive tool that allows you to manage complex projects from start to finish. The software solution has advanced project scheduling features, allowing you to keep your team members informed and up-to-date on the project timeline, critical paths, and other essential information.

This program has features that simplify the process of assigning tasks to various team members and tracking their progress. SharpeSoft's IPM also provides real-time budget tracking and job costing, allowing you to quickly identify cost overruns and take corrective action.

SharpeSoft's Mobile Foreman

SharpeSoft's Mobile Foreman is a mobile application that allows you to access and track project activity on the go. The mobile application provides real-time access to project schedules, budgets, and important project documents.

It also allows you to capture field data, take photos, and make project notes, keeping you connected and informed about your project's progress, even when you are not on-site.

MatConnect & SubConnect

MatConnect is a powerful tool designed to enhance the management of materials for suppliers and contractors. By enabling users to input relevant data about the supplied materials, MatConnect streamlines the process of preparing and emailing material quotes for construction projects.

With MatConnect, suppliers and contractors can optimize material quoting costs, reducing costs and improving efficiency. The advanced visibility offered by SharpeSoft's MatConnect contributes to decreased downtime, lowered overall costs, and increased project efficiency.

SubConnect is a comprehensive solution specifically designed for construction subcontractors to manage their operations effectively. This powerful tool streamlines the creation and emailing of proposal files to prime contractors, ensuring precision and efficiency.

With SubConnect, subcontractors can effortlessly handle all aspects of their proposals within a single platform. This includes efficiently tracking workers' time, monitoring project progress, and managing project finances. The seamless integration offered by SubConnect saves valuable time and minimizes errors, ultimately driving increased profitability.


BidConnect is a cloud-based software program that provides a centralized platform for construction startups and established agencies to manage bids for free efficiently. The software enables contractors to electronically submit bid files to agencies using the SharpeSoft IPM application during project bid openings.

With its streamlined bid process, the program allows contractors to manage project details in a single, convenient location effectively.


In the world of heavy civil construction, efficiency, and accuracy are everything. Working with SharpeSoft's construction software solutions can help you achieve the highest level of precision, manage your projects easily, and streamline your operations for maximum efficiency.

With advanced estimating software, comprehensive project management tools, and exceptional customer support, you can be confident that your construction projects are in good hands.

So why wait?

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