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SharpeSoft Estimator Fast Trax 1/7: Easy Steps for Creating and Activating a Job

Updated: Mar 8

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To create a new job, you will go to the Jobs window, open the Insert Job wizard and enter information in the required fields. Then you will activate the job so that the system knows that it is the job you want to work on.

Open Insert Job Wizard

Open the Jobs window by going to the Setup menu and clicking Jobs (or just click on the Setup Jobs toolbar button). In the lower-left corner, click Insert (or right-click inside the window and click insert in the context menu). The Insert Job wizard will open. You will use this window to set up your new job.

The NavBar on the window's left side has two top-level groups (highlighted in blue), each with its own information tabs. Under Job Information, there are five tabs for entering information specific to the job itself. The Bid Results & Award group has two tabs that hold information on bid results and how the bid was awarded. Information in these tabs is entered once the bid has been awarded.

Many of the information fields in the Insert Job window are connected to corresponding columns in the Jobs window. Whatever data you enter into one of these fields, is copied automatically to its corresponding column in the Jobs window. In the same way, if you enter or change a detail in a column in the Jobs window, it will be copied to the Insert Job window.

Enter Data into the Required Fields

To set up a job you only need to enter information in the first four required fields - Job Number, Bid Date, Bid Time, and Job Description. Click in a field and enter your data. When finished, click OK. Your new job will now be included in the Jobs window.

NOTE: Although you only need to enter information into the first four fields to create a job, you should enter as much data as possible in all of the tabs. While in the Insert/Edit Job window, press F1 to open the system Help to learn what other details should be added to this window and how that information is used throughout the system.

Activate Job

Before you can begin working on your job, it must be activated to let the system know that it is the job you want to work with. Return to the Setup > Jobs window and use one of the following three methods to activate your job:

1. Double click on the job and in the dialog box that appears, click Activate.

2. Click once on the job and click the Activate selected job toolbar button.

3. Right-click on the job and click Activate Job in the context menu.

Once you have activated the job, it will be highlighted in the Jobs window in dark blue.

You are now ready to start adding bid items to your job!


Getting started with SharpeSoft is a breeze. Whether you are looking to create a new job or add one, SharpeSoft has got your back. We have the tools and expertise necessary to help you make it happen without breaking a sweat.

You can continue on to other helpful Fast Trax articles below. To learn more about this particular subject, consult your system Help manual, or just give us a call and we’ll be glad to walk you through it.

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