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SharpeSoft Estimator: Changing default tax rate and job tax rate

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Tip and Trick # 85 - How to set a default tax rate and job tax rate

There are times that you are not sure who the owner of a project is. Maybe you are bidding as a sub, maybe it is a template job that you will bid in multiple areas. Whatever the case, the SharpeSoft Estimator will allow you complete flexibility!

You can have a company default tax rate (so taxes are never forgotten in your bid) and you can also have a job-specific tax rate in the SharpeSoft - Estimator. We want to ensure there is nothing missing from your job, however, we also want you to have extreme control of how your jobs are bid.

The SharpeSoft Estimator wants your estimating experience to be efficient and intuitive. We know not every company or bidding situation is the same. Our team strives to offer you the power to bid the way you want the SharpeSoft Estimator to.

It's that efficient of a tool!

Why does the SharpeSoft Estimator have multiple areas to address taxes? SharpeSoft, Inc. wants to ensure you have the maximum flexibility without sacrificing detail

How Do We Do This?

1. In SharpeSoft Estimator, go to the Defaults menu and open the Company Configuration tab. Then select the Default Company Tax Rate option (it's on the top).

2. Once you click the Default Sales Tax Rate (Left Click) this selection will open and you can change the Default Sales Tax Rate. (the tax rate can be changed to whatever you want then select ok) this Default Sales Tax Rate will now be saved and used by the system if no owner is selected.

3. The SharpeSoft Estimator also has the option to have a specific Job Tax Rate that could be different than the Default Sales Tax Rate. In the Job Menu, select the Job Information & Settings. About 1/2 way down will be the Job Default Sales Tax rate (this can be changed on each individual job)

4. Once the Job Sales Tax Rate opens, enter your new tax rate and your changes will instantly be reflected in your estimate. The SharpeSoft Estimator saves automatically so your changes are saved with no effort from you!

The SharpeSoft Estimator™ remembers your settings so that you don't have to do this the next time! If you want to check out how to handle GTR by your state check out SharpeSoft Gross Receipt Tax blog and see if this could help!


Who We Are

For nearly four decades SharpeSoft, Inc. has been in the business of helping civil contractors like you to work faster, more efficiently. We strive to provide the easiest to use, yet compressive and precise job estimating and bidding solutions you can get!

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