SharpeSoft Estimator: Changing default tax rate and job tax rate

Tip and Trick # 85 - How to set a default tax rate and job tax rate

There are times that you are not sure who the owner of a project is. Maybe you are bidding as a sub, maybe it is a template job that you will bid in multiple areas. Whatever the case, the SharpeSoft Estimator will allow you complete flexibility!

You can have a company default tax rate (so taxes are never forgotten in your bid) and you can also have a job-specific tax rate in the SharpeSoft - Estimator. We want to ensure there is nothing missing from your job, however, we also want you to have extreme control of how your jobs are bid.

The SharpeSoft Estimator wants your estimating experience to be efficient and intuitive. We know not every company or bidding situation is the same. Our team strives to offer you the power to bid the way you want the SharpeSoft Estimator to.

It's that efficient of a tool!

Why does the SharpeSoft Estimator have multiple areas to address taxes? SharpeSoft, Inc. wants to ensure you have the maximum flexibility without sacrificing detail

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