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Initial Login to SharpeSoft Cloud Portal

Getting started with SharpeSoft is simple and easy to do. To log into the SharpeSoft Cloud Applications Portal, simply open your preferred internet browser, enter in the address field and press Enter. The SharpeSoft Cloud login screen will open.

In the Company Login field, enter the login code that was provided to you by SharpeSoft Support. Press tab, enter the Password and then click Log In. The SharpeSoft Cloud Applications Portal will open.

  • If you are an existing SharpeSoft client, your Cloud account was set up for you automatically and you should have received your login ID and Password in an Email from SharpeSoft Support.

  • If you have not received your login information, please contact us at Individual user logins and passwords for your SharpeSoft applications are set up by your system Supervisor or IT staff.

Opening an Application

Once you have entered the portal, you will see icons for the SharpeSoft systems licensed to your company (e.g., Estimator, Field Reporter). To begin working with a system, just click on its icon. The User Login prompt for that system will open. Enter your user Login and Password and click OK.

If you have concurrent licenses for your Sharpesoft applications and all of the licenses for a system are currently in use, if you attempt to log into that system you will receive a warning telling you that all of your licenses are in use and that another user must exit the program before you can log in and use that system.

The system you selected will open in your web browser. The system itself works the same as it does with a local installation of the program. However, when you click the drop list arrow at the center of the window (right below the browser address bar) the Cloud Toolbar opens with buttons for importing, exporting, printing and other functionality within the cloud environment.

Logging off

When your are finished working, you will close the application you were working with by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window, clicking Exit in the Setup menu, or pressing F4. The application will close and you will be returned to the Applications Portal, where you can click the Log Out button or simply close your browser to exit the portal.

Since all of your work is saved to your database in real time, you do not have to worry about saving or backing up your work before logging off.

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