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SharpeSoft Estimator - Importing Bid Items from Excel (Groups & Renumbering Items)

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

You can import and/or export data to and from a spreadsheet from the main Jobs window, the Bid Items windows, the Job Subcontractors window, the Audit Trail Activity window, all of the the cost database tables, and in many of the windows from the Defaults menu, such as Cost Codes and Labor and Equipment areas.

Each has its own export setup window with unique data export fields that allow you to customize the information in your spreadsheet any way you want.

For this example, we'll be importing from the Bid Items window.

Before You Begin

If you are working within the SharpeSoft cloud environment, you will first need to send the Excel file you wish to import from your network to the cloud, if the Excel file was not already generated inside the cloud environment.

To do so, open the cloud toolbar at the top of the cloud environment, and select From PC to Server. For more information, please see the Cloud Toolbar blog.

Importing Bid Items (Groups & Renumbering Items)

  • Open the Bid Items window by clicking on the Bid Items icon on the toolbar. You can also open the window by selecting the Job menu and clicking on Bid Items from the drop-down selections.

  • Right-click inside the right panel of the Bid Items window.

  • Select Import from Excel from the options that appear.

  • Note: If the job you have selected for import already has bid items in place, you will see the following message informing you that the import process will only import new items.

  • Click Proceed.

  • Your Downloads folder will now open with the imported Excel folder inside, (this folder may be different based on your default settings.)

  • Open the folder for import.

  • Here you will see that the Excel file has been split up into multiple iterations, such as Items Only, SW with groups, Groups and Item Masters, etc.

  • Double-click on Import with Groups. The Import From Excel wizard will now open.

  • Follow the instructions presented in the Import From Excel window. Take care when dragging the source files to their corresponding data fields, as you may be importing information you do not want at this time. If you know that everything lines up nicely, you can select Map by Order to quickly copy the source files over as is.

  • In the video example, we also changed the Start Row of the file to be imported. This means that any blank spaces in the document or information we otherwise do not want to copy over will not be imported.

  • Click Start Import.

  • Once the import is complete you will be brought back to the Bid Items screen, newly populated with your bid items and groups.

Renumbering Bid Items

  • If for any reason you need to change the visuals of the item groups displayed, you can do so by selecting Actions in the toolbar.

  • Then click Renumber Item Codes in the drop-down menu.

  • In the Renumber Item Codes window, you have the option to select between several Pattern Options (such as All Numeric, All Alphabetical, etc.) as well as Group Items (All Items, Within Current Group, etc.).

  • You can also readjust your Starting Value and Number of Positions.


The SharpeSoft Estimator is a simple tool that can help you organize and adjust your spreadsheets to give you the best user experience possible.

Would you like to know more?

Check out the general Excel Import/Export blog for more helpful information.

Only need to import bid items? Check out the Importing Bid Items from Excel (Items Only) blog.

Video Bid Item Group Number Item Import Excel Estimator

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