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Why use SharpeSoft Estimator?

At SharpeSoft, Inc. we understand the need for men and women in the field to be able to quickly and easily keep track of certain metrics while making impactful decisions on the jobsite. That is why we are always looking to save you time and money by providing top quality service with products like SharpeSoft’s Estimator.

Traditional estimating methods that rely on guesswork and spreadsheet methods like Microsoft Excel are rapidly being replaced by full-package estimation software that quickly and easily guides any user–new or experienced–through the entire estimation process from start to finish. We at SharpeSoft are aware of the necessity for legacy systems in certain areas, which is why we strive to be as inclusive as possible while providing next generation support.

Table of Contents

  1. Brief intro to estimation, link to other article

  2. The number one death sentence of a project

  3. Accessibility

  4. Design, user experience

  5. Conclusion

A Brief Recap of Estimation Software

Construction estimation is the process used in order to determine a project’s work, materials, labor requirements, and costs. Contractors can then use this information to accurately predict costs and other variables related to a project.

Estimation software is a network or cloud-based program designed to make this process simpler and easier. For a full explanation of the estimating process, see the link below.

The number one death sentence of a project

Complications can happen to any project, at any time. However, some issues can hamper a job so thoroughly that progress might be curbed for months at a time. The initial estimate is paramount, especially for bigger jobs. While offline spreadsheets like Excel also have the ability to color-code figures, this is based off of formulae that you will first have to enter yourself. This can be tedious if you have multiple items that fall under multiple different price rounding requirements. A single mistake might not be caught right away, and can potentially lead to costly losses.

With Estimator, you can avoid excessive off-balancing when marking up your bids with the inclusion of color-coded KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). These warning labels highlight figures that fall outside the prescribed threshold, showing you when and where to make adjustments that will save you money, even while the data is being entered.


The installation and setup process are both important factors to consider when evaluating estimating solutions. Offline spreadsheets may be the fastest to set up, but their accessibility options are usually more than lackluster. With the constant need for multiple eyes on a project, having that information tied to only a single workstation creates unnecessary hassle, and increases the chance of miscommunication.

Estimator allows constant access to multiple job files through cloud computing, even allowing multiple men in the field to collaborate on the same job in the field from different workstations. A simple one-time installation is all you need, with flexible network options available when setting up the SharpeSoft License Server. Product help is available at any time in the internal manual, and you can contact SharpeSoft at any time to speak with one of our knowledgeable experts.

Design and User Experience

Estimation jobs take time, meaning the product you use will need to be suitable for continuous, daily activity. Trying to make sense of cluttered spreadsheet cells after a hard day’s labor is tough work, especially if there’s little in the way of accessible help.

Estimator is constantly being updated with new features to make the end user experience more efficient and more powerful. SharpeSoft also offers product demos and training seminars run by our industry professionals.


An estimating software system should be accurate and reliable, from the start of the first day to when the job is complete. Old school solutions are falling behind, and SharpeSoft is here to help you bridge that gap.

At SharpeSoft, we provide construction management software solutions and have been for over 35 years. Our significant SharpeSoft construction estimating software system allows businesses across the nation to accurately predict project costs with ease.

Are you looking for a trusted construction estimating software system for your company?

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