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SharpeSoft Estimator: Equipment Rate Calculation

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

At SharpeSoft, Inc., we strive to make estimating and bidding easy and efficient, as we have for over 36 years. We are estimator-driven, which allows us to provide real, practical solutions to help you bid the way you want.

We provide solutions that work for you!

Why We do this?

For Tip & Trick # 176, "adding a new piece of equipment and using the Equipment rate sheet", was created with flexibility and efficiency in mind. There are times that you need to add a new piece of equipment whether it just adding new Equipment to your fleet or there is a one-off need.

The SharpeSoft Estimator makes it easy to add and determine the equipment's operating hourly rate on the fly. Whatever the reason for the equipment add you can do it almost instantly while bidding on your job if you like.

It does not matter if you bid it at $ 1000 an hour or $ 1 an hour YOU can add a new piece of equipment quickly with the same detail you have grown accustomed to! The days of using plug equipment rates without detail are over, we want you to have the detail to have costs down to the penny if that is what you want!

Our SharpeSoft Estimator is database-driven. If you need a database tune-up review with our team, please reach out to our Success team ( we will be happy to help you at any time!


We Give You Flexibility!

The SharpeSoft Estimator system has a few options to enter anything new to your database. You can do this in your tables (be on the lookout for another Tip & Trick) or while in the bid item detail window.

In the bid item detail window, you start by inserting E - Equipment and while you are still bidding you can easily and efficiently add a new piece of equipment. This allows you the complete flexibility to bid how you want, the code is how you would remember it, fully customizable to your liking.

With the add on the fly feature, you do not have to leave bidding mode in order to add something new to your tables! The estimator helps you have complete control without losing focus on your bid!


Equipment Rate Calculation: How To

  1. Double left-click

  2. This will open up the Equipment Rate Calculation

  3. In the highlighted areas

    1. you input purchase price, discount, tax rate, interest rate, # of payments, Balloon period, Scrap value, Usage Life in years, usage in hours

  4. You can add a markup if you want (if this not standard practice add the mark up in your summary)

    1. so you can maintain cost (for your most accurate bidding)

  5. Select the Load the New Rate the SharpeSoft Estimator will load the rate for the area you are doing the calculation for

The SharpeSoft Estimating system will save this automatically in your tables, if you have multiple users in your system this new equipment will be available to them as soon as you hit 'enter'. We provide Instant changes and instant availability!!


The SharpeSoft Estimator is a simple tool that can help you calculate the operating hourly rate of the equipment. It’s easy to use, and it makes quick work of calculating this important metric when bidding on jobs or adding an item to your estimate!

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