SharpeSoft Estimator: Equipment Rate Calculation

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

At SharpeSoft, Inc., we strive to make estimating and bidding easy and efficient, as we have for over 36 years. We are estimator-driven, which allows us to provide real, practical solutions to help you bid the way you want.

We provide solutions that work for you!

Why We do this?

For Tip & Trick # 176, "adding a new piece of equipment and using the Equipment rate sheet", was created with flexibility and efficiency in mind. There are times that you need to add a new piece of equipment whether it just adding new Equipment to your fleet or there is a one-off need.

The SharpeSoft Estimator makes it easy to add and determine the equipment's operating hourly rate on the fly. Whatever the reason for the equipment add you can do it almost instantly while bidding on your job if you like.

It does not matter if you bid it at $ 1000 an hour or $ 1 an hour YOU can add a new piece of equipment quickly with the same detail you have grown accustomed to! The days of using plug equipment rates without detail are over, we want you to have the detail to have costs down to the penny if that is what you want!

Our SharpeSoft Estimator is database-driven. If you need a database tune-up review with our team, please reach out to our Success team ( we will be happy to help you at any time!