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SharpeSoft Estimator: Equipment Hauling Calculation

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

In this Tip & Trick, we use, for example, a 657G piece of Equipment (if you want to see how to add equipment in your Estimate and get a detailed hourly rate look at Tip and Trick # 175).

You can use this calculation for any piece of equipment, it could be a backhoe, excavator, dump truck, or anything else you can think of! We don't want you to have to leave estimating mode and have hauling calculations in Excel, or worse yet, not know them at all.

The SharpeSoft Estimator was designed to be a practical and efficient tool to address your needs while estimating. We want you to be successful and bid faster and with more accuracy!


We Give You Flexibility!

The SharpeSoft Estimator has this feature to allow you flexibility and accuracy. Many contractors may have these types of calculations in an exterior program like Excel.

By having everything in the SharpeSoft Estimator, you do not have to change programs. Doing so might cause a loss of attention and result in missing something in your bid. We give you the option to do this detailed calculation inside the estimate, saving you time while keeping your attention on your bid.

It's small options like this that are massively easy to use, but give you extreme detail!!

How To Use SharpeSoft Estimator: Step By Step Instructions

  1. While in your Bid Item Detail window, and on a Piece of (E) Equipment or (T) Trucking in the top menu, select "Calculations", then "(E) - Equipment Hauling Calc" or "(T) Outside Trucking Hauling Calculation".

2. Once the calculation is selected (left click), the Equipment Hauling Calculation will appear for the (E) Equipment or (T) Outside Trucking. The Equipment code and quantity will populate from the bid (you can change in the calculation if you want a different quantity, and this will change in your bid) Fill out the options.

3. Once you have the calculation the way you like, you can adjust (quantity, distance, speeds, etc.) and the SharpeSoft Estimator will automatically re-calculate the numbers by selecting "Set Hours for Entire Crew" and clicking "OK" will load this production in your bid!

The SharpeSoft Estimating system will save this automatically. This calculation will be part of this item and will have an option to be printed in your Reports - Item Detail - in the options, select "Include Calculations" Instant changes, instant availability!


If you’re like most business owners, time is a valuable commodity that can be difficult to come by. That’s why we created an estimating solution with the goal of saving your valuable time and money!

With our SharpeSoft Estimator, calculating accurate estimates has never been easier.

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