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SharpeSoft Estimator: Change Proposal unit prices to 2nd decimal

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

It's true - Even a fraction of a cent difference in the unit price of a bid item can significantly affect your final overall bid price. That's why SharpeSoft Estimator extends unit prices to the fourth decimal place in all calculations.

As an example, assume you have 500,000 cubic yards of dirt to move. If your unit price were $2.25 per cubic yard, your cost would be $1,125,000. However, if the actual unit price is $2.2451 your cost drops to $1,122,550.

Although a difference of $2,450 may seem insignificant, when all the chips are in it could make the difference between winning or losing the bid. Most of our clients prefer this pinpoint accuracy, as it gives them the edge they need in a highly competitive market.

Nevertheless, when finalizing their bids some estimators prefer to round their unit prices to the nearest one hundredth - which is why SharpeSoft Estimator has an option to set the unit price to two decimal places in your proposals.

To do it, follow these steps - Or check out the VIDEO below, where we walk you through the process.

1. In Estimator, go to the Reports menu and open the Reports Tree. The Select Report window will open.

2. Double click on the Proposal (first selection under the Job Reports heading). The Proposal Report Options window will open.

3. In the options window, move down the Processing options menu and select Print Unit Prices to 2 Decimals. Click OK and your proposal will open in the Report Previewer with the unit costs rounded to the second decimal.

Estimator,™ remembers your settings so that you don't have to do this the next time you create a proposal!

4. In the Report Previewer you can see what your printed proposal will look like and make any needed adjustments to the final draft. You can mark or unmark pages for printing or delete pages you may not need. When you have finished, you can choose to print, save, or email your proposal.

That's all there is to it!

Check out this video to see how it's done...

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