SharpeSoft Estimator: Add a new piece of equipment

How We Make Adding New Equipment Easy!

Tip & Trick # 175: "adding a new piece of equipment and using the Equipment rate sheet", was created with flexibility and efficiency in mind. There are times that you need to add a new piece of equipment whether it's just adding new equipment to your fleet or there is a one-off need.

Complete Customization And Flexibility

The SharpeSoft Estimator system has a few different options to enter anything new into your database. You can do this in your tables (be on the lookout for another Tip & Trick) or while in the bid item detail window.

In the bid item detail window you start by inserting E - Equipment and while you are still bidding you can easily and efficiently add a new piece of equipment.

This allows you the complete flexibility to bid how you want, and the code is fully customizable to your liking. With the "add on the fly" feature, you don't have to leave bidding mode to add something n