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SharpeSoft Estimator: Add a new piece of equipment

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

How We Make Adding New Equipment Easy!

Tip & Trick # 175: "adding a new piece of equipment and using the Equipment rate sheet", was created with flexibility and efficiency in mind. There are times that you need to add a new piece of equipment whether it's just adding new equipment to your fleet or there is a one-off need.


Complete Customization And Flexibility

The SharpeSoft Estimator system has a few different options to enter anything new into your database. You can do this in your tables (be on the lookout for another Tip & Trick) or while in the bid item detail window.

In the bid item detail window you start by inserting E - Equipment and while you are still bidding you can easily and efficiently add a new piece of equipment.

This allows you the complete flexibility to bid how you want, and the code is fully customizable to your liking. With the "add on the fly" feature, you don't have to leave bidding mode to add something new to your tables!

The estimator gives you complete control to keep you focused on your bid!


Adding New Equipment: Step By Step Instructions

  1. While in the Bid Item Detail window, hit the Plus button on the bottom left of the detail

  2. Insert E for Equipment (The Plus Button located on the bottom right, or right-click on the mouse and select "Insert")

  3. Type in the code for the new equipment (This can be anything you want - 8 alphanumeric)

  4. Hit enter

  5. You will have the option to "Select" or "Insert"

  6. Select will allow you to search your database to locate a piece of equipment (if it is in the database, it will be by a different code)

    1. You can also search and select your equipment by hitting the icon that looks like the Excavator

  1. If you want to insert new equipment, refer back to Tip & Trick # 175

  2. Go through steps 1-5 and select "Insert"

  3. This will prompt you to the Equipment Wizard (new)

  4. Click on the magnifying glass to the right of "Group"

  5. Select the Group you want to add this piece of equipment to

    1. If you do not see the group you want, you can add a new equipment group by selecting the plus button

    2. Add the new equipment group and select the new group

    3. If the equipment group exists, you can select it with the "Select" button

  6. Confirm the equipment code is the code you want

  7. Add the description of the new equipment

  8. If you want to associate labor to this equipment, you can select the magnifying glass found next to "Labor", then select the labor from your tables

  9. You can add an ID number

  10. Add a fuel and Oil Click on the magnifying glass

  11. Click on cost detail

  12. You will see your company equipment areas

    1. You can add Equipment areas in your Defaults tab

  13. Left-click (one time) on the area you want to have this rate for

  14. Select Hourly rate by day

  15. You can enter a rate (by the hour)

  16. Your burdens are populated by the groups you have in your defaults

    1. These are fully customizable while creating the equipment

  17. Far-right of the window you can select Rented or Owned, and a vendor if you want

  18. The Equipment is added!

If you want a bit more detail for the Equipment Rate Calculation, check out this trick:

  1. Double left-click (This will open up the Equipment Rate Calculation)

  2. In the highlighted areas, you input purchase price, discount, tax rate, interest rate, number of payments, Balloon period, Scrap value, Usage Life in years, usage in hours

  3. You can add a markup if you want (if this is not standard practice, add the mark up in your summary)

    1. So you can maintain cost (for your most accurate bidding)

  4. Select the Load the New Rate the SharpeSoft Estimator will load the rate for the area you are doing the calculation for

The SharpeSoft Estimating system will save this automatically in your tables. If you have multiple users in your system, this new equipment will be available to them as soon as you hit enter. We provide instant changes instant availability!


If you’ve been looking for a way to make adding new equipment to your job or bid easier, the SharpeSoft Estimator may be your best solution!

Our estimator will take care of all calculations and send out the final estimate based on what you input into our simple form.

Whether it be due to an increased need incapacity, budget constraints, or any other reason for adding more machinery to your project scope, you can do so almost instantly!

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