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Rounding Sheet for Estimator 3/3 (Percentages)

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

The Rounding Sheet is used to round off the bid unit price of your top-level bid items as the final step before printing and submitting your final bid proposal. You can have the system automatically round each item or you can enter the rounded amount for one or all items yourself. Items may be rounded up or down depending on the nearest whole dollar amount.

The Rounding Sheet is where you'll go after completing entering bid items and markups in the Summary window. Rounding rules determine how the Rounding Sheet will present the information entered into the window, such as rounded to the nearest cent, tenth of a cent, etc. These can changed per your company's needs in the Defaults menu.

Item Price as Percentage of Total

For jobs with an exceptionally large budget, adjusting item prices of a certain scale can become tedious if done in dollars. We have the option to adjust our view so that Rounded Unit Price is presented as a percentage. This is especially useful for most public works, in addition to private works of a certain size.

  1. Select the Rounded Unit column of the bid item you wish to view as a percentage.

  2. Right-click.

  3. Select Set Item Price as Percentage of Whole from the context menu.

  4. In the example, the Bid Item price for Mobilization of the job is $25,000. When set as a percentage, it comes out to 3% of the job's total cost.

  5. This percentage value can now be adjusted freely as shown in the video. A new potential value of 7% can be pushed through the rest of the job by clicking the Auto Round button on the toolbar.

  6. Drive into any other items that need changes.

  7. Generate your new proposal by clicking on the Reports menu.


Getting started with SharpeSoft is a breeze. Whether you are looking to create a new job or add one, SharpeSoft has got your back. We have the tools and expertise necessary to help you make it happen without breaking a sweat.

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Video Rounding Sheet Percentage Estimator

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