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Updated: May 14, 2021

When bidding on public works projects, contractors need to comply with federal

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Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements, as well as minority-owned, women-owned and emerging small business (MWESB) utilization targets from state and local agencies.

Keeping track of DBEs can be difficult and it is easy to overlook or miscalculate one in an estimate, which could end up costing you a project award.

That is why our clients who do a lot of agency work love the DBE tracker in SharpeSoft Estimator.

The DBE tracker makes it easy to stay in compliance with agency requirements. It automatically tracks and calculates your current utilization of DBE subcontractors against each goal and displays them as a percentage of the total job bid.

HOW IT WORKS... You track your DBEs in the Job Information/DBE Goals window, which can be accesses from the toolbar, the Job menu and the Jobs window.

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In the DBE Goals table, just enter the Code and Description of the DBE required by the agency, and then enter the goal percentage.

TIP: If you have populated your Defaults menu > DBE Codes window, you can use the search button in the table’s Code column to select the code and description from your list of company defaults.

Continue entering the codes and goals for every DBE/MWESB attached to the project.

Now, as you build your estimate, the system will track your progress toward meeting DBE each goal and display it as a percentage in the table’s Current column. This value (subcontractor costs / total bid) is based on all bid items, including any alternates.

If a goal has not yet been met, it will be highlighted in red to indicate that additional qualified subcontractors may be needed.

TIP: Click on a DBE in the table and click the View DBE Subs button to see a list of your job subontractors filtered for the DBE you selected. The window displays all of the DBE qualifying subcontractors involved with the job, along with their quantity and cost information.


The DBE tracker is just another way SharpeSoft Estimator can help you to win more project awards while saving you time and money.

Let us show you more by setting up a free online demonstration.

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