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Updated: Apr 19, 2021


Typically, installing a new version of Estimator is a pretty straightforward affair. Just insert the update disk - or open the executable file from the release notification email we sent you - and follow the directions. Still, one of the installation questions we get most often comes from users who are unsure what do about the “Destination Folder” for the Estimator program files. Users are sometimes hesitant to accept the default that the system automatically displays in the file path field, and they end up entering an incorrect destination.

In case you are not a tech-wizard, here is a breakdown on how the destination file window works.

For single user system updates, the first thing the system does when you begin the installation is check your computer’s registry to see where your program files were loaded the last time you installed an upgrade. It displays that address as the ‘Destination Folder’. If this is where your program files were previously loaded, then this is where you want the update files to be loaded.

If you are updating a network, you should install the update on the same workstation that you used when you originally installed the SharpeSoft Estimator system. As with the single user system, the installer will check to see where the files were previously loaded and will display that address as the ‘Destination Folder’ address.

The only reason you need to change the destination folder is if the files were moved to another location on the network after the intital installation of the program, or after the last update installation.


Network updates can be tricky depending on how you have configured your system. Some networks have all of the program files on the server and just point the workstations to that location. Other networks have program files loaded onto every workstation. When you originally installed Estimator, you should have taken notes so that you know which setup you are running. If you are not sure, take notes the next time you run an update so that you are aware of how your system is structured. Nevertheless, if you have not moved files around since you original installed your system, or since the last update, the system will know from the registry where your files should be loaded.


The best advice we could give you is; if you get to the destination folder window and are not sure what to enter, call us first before you change it! This could save all of us valuable support time tracking down those files later on.

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