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Adding a Vendor to Material Comparison in the Estimator

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

From this window you will set up job material packages (aggregate, pipe, etc.) that will be sent to the vendors from whom you want to receive materials quotes. You will begin by opening the Material Package Wizard, which will guide you through the steps of setting up the package, selecting the materials that will go into it, selecting the bid item that the package will be applied to, and selecting the vendors that you want to include in the quote request.

Once created, the package is listed in the window and you can double click on it to open and its detail window. From there you can email quote requests directly to the vendors you selected for the package. As you receive quotes back from your vendors you will load them into the detail window where you can compare their prices side-by-side and choose which ones you want to use in your bid.

The Material Package Detail window opens when you double click on a record in the Material Comparison Packages window. All of the material items that were selected when setting up the package are displayed in the detail table in the center of the window. When you click on an item, its parent information is displayed in the current item panel at the top of the window, with the top-level item highlighted in blue and sub items in yellow. Upon entering the window, the parent information for the first record listed in detail table is automatically displayed.

The vendors that were selected for the package will each have a column in the table and will be listed by their vendor codes (vendor columns start to the immediate right of the UM column).

As bid amounts are loaded into the vendor columns, the lowest bid amount entered in the table for each bid item will be highlighted in red. This highlighting lets you quickly identify the lowest bid item prices. In the price panel at the bottom of the window the lowest overall bid also is highlighted in red.

  • You can change the highlighting color in the Defaults menu > Preferences > Personalization tab

Adding a New Vendor

  • Select Insert Vendors in the Material Comparison window.

  • In the Select Vendors window, we have the ability to either add a vendor that already exists in our vendor list, or insert a new vendor.

  • The new vendor's information will appear in a new column to the right of the most previously added vendor.

  • Select Sort Vendors to bring up the Vendors in Material Package window. Here you can Sort by ascending order, descending order, or by price.

Changing Vendor Details

  • You can quickly bring up a vendor's record to check their phone number or change vendor information by double clicking on the vendor code. This opens the Edit Vendor window, giving you access to information without having to locate the main Vendors window.

Entering Price Cuts/Adds

  • The Cuts/Adds buttons at the bottom of the window are used to increase or decrease a vendor's total bid amount.

  • To view each vendor's Cuts/Adds List, go to the price panel and double click in the Cuts/Adds row directly beneath the vendor’s column header. The Cuts/Adds for... window will open showing each cut or add, whether it was a dollar amount or percentage, the amount, the date and the time it was entered in the system. The amount shown beneath each vendor column header is the sum total of all transactions listed in the Cuts/Adds for... window.


Getting started with SharpeSoft is a breeze. Whether you are looking to create a new job or add one, SharpeSoft has got your back. We have the tools and expertise necessary to help you make it happen without breaking a sweat.

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