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The SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman: Tracking Job Site Productivity on Your Handheld Devices

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

As a contractor, you know the importance of tracking job site progress. It's no secret that the construction industry is constantly changing. With ever-increasing demands for timely and cost-effective projects, contractors must handle job site information quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, the SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman can help you do just that on your handheld device!

In this blog from SharpeSoft, we'll break down this mobile software and discuss how it can easily help contractors track job site progress.

The SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman: Tracking Job Site Productivity on Your Handheld Devices

Table of Contents:

  1. What is The SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman?

  2. How Does It Work?

  3. Getting to Know the Features of SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman

  4. Benefits of Using SharpeSoft’s Mobile Foreman

  5. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

What is the difference between a contractor and a foreman?

Typically, a foreman is an experienced construction worker with proficiency in a particular trade tasked with organizing the overall construction of a specific project or job for the contractor.

What are the duties of a foreman?

The responsibilities of a construction foreman usually entail the following:

  • Reporting project progress to their superiors

  • Developing a work schedule for the workers

  • Supervising all construction workers

  • Being the liaison between supervisors and construction workers

  • Solving problems between workers

  • Ensuring a project is staffed adequately

  • Assigning tasks to construction workers

What is The SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman?

The SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman is a comprehensive mobile application developed for the construction industry. It provides access to financial data, employee information, and project status updates anytime from anywhere.

The software also enables contractors to check timesheets and view current jobs anytime. This eliminates wasted time and keeps everyone informed about what's happening on the project.

How Does It Work?

SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman is an all-in-one solution that provides a comprehensive suite of construction management tools designed specifically for the construction industry. It enables contractors to track job site progress on handheld devices, providing real-time updates and insights into their projects.

The software allows you to easily manage equipment usage, labor, and materials costs, all from your smartphone or tablet. Its user-friendly dashboard provides an overview of estimated vs. actual costs and other key metrics so you can identify trends and take corrective action when necessary.

Getting to Know the Features of SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman

The SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman app provides contractors with a suite of features designed to help them keep their job on schedule.

These features include:

  • Daily employee hours and overtime tracking

  • Daily item progress tracking

  • Daily equipment hours and quantities tracking

  • State-of-the-art job cost analyzing

  • Daily weather conditions recording

  • Tracking for labor hours per area and classification

  • Monitoring of material usage and cost

  • Standard note-taking

  • Foreman and job performance analyzing

  • Employee status managing

  • Equipment and employee hours reporting

  • Adaptable syncing intervals

  • Daily job site note recording

  • Browser-based cloud interface (optional)

  • And much more!

The many SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman’s features provide unprecedented detail for monitoring job progress. With this app, contractors can get a complete picture of what is happening on the job site.

In addition, these features provide valuable insights into how changes made during the project affect both cost estimates and timelines.

Benefits of Using SharpeSoft’s Mobile Foreman

Using the Mobile Foreman can have several positive impacts on business operations.

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect when using this app:

  • Increased visibility into your construction projects

  • More accurate cost estimates

  • Easier employee management

  • Improved customer service due to more accurate reporting and transparency

  • Effortless workflow integration with the SharpeSoft Estimator and SharpeSoft Field Reporter software systems

  • Clearer insights into project funds

  • Significantly reduced data entry time thanks to operating and equipment hour matching

  • Automatic syncing of project data to the Field Reporter database

  • Multiple sharing of the same device through multiple foremans

  • And much more!

By giving you greater control over your construction projects, the SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman helps you ensure that each project runs smoothly from start to finish. This ultimately leads to more satisfied clients and higher profits for your business.


Timely completion of construction projects is essential for success in today's marketplace. However, managing everything in the field or at remote locations can be challenging without a reliable system like SharpeSoft Mobile Foreman.

With its real-time tracking capabilities and easy access to all your vital data from anywhere, this mobile software helps ensure you have everything you need right at your fingertips to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. This, in turn, allows you to complete projects faster while keeping costs down along the way!

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