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Cloud computing--it's time to switch

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

As companies invest more and more into cloud-based technologies, it’s important to have a solid grasp on the concept before jumping in. Switching isn’t as easy as pushing a button to migrate all of your assets to a cloud provider; the company providing the cloud architecture is required to convert all your assets to digital, where it will then need to be hosted in a database. This could lead to significant downtime between the choice to onboard with the cloud, and when you can be expected to get back out into the field.

But as the Internet becomes ever more necessary to modern life, the switch to the cloud becomes less of a choice and more of a need for all companies to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

But first, what is the cloud?

Cloud computing, also known as cloud architecture, is, in simple terms, delivering computer services — like servers, storage, databases, networks,and software— over the internet. In the cloud computing model, everything from applications to data centers is delivered over the internet on a pay-for-use basis.

SharpeSoft offers its own cloud architecture, with a host of benefits to make the transition to online work that much smoother:


Construction is an industry that requires a constant amount of flexibility when it comes to the transference of data, in addition to the physical labor of the work itself. Inclement weather and potential rural work environments are no excuse in this day and age for not being connected to digital tools.

Cloud architecture opens up more ways for employees in the office or on-site to access these tools. SharpeSoft’s cloud-based software is accessible through most Internet browsers, with fast response times whether access from a desktop environment or a mobile device.

Furthermore, system downtime is far more infrequent, as cloud-based software doesn't need to be restricted for updates or patches, with dependably high up-time.

Cloud-based computing is especially ideal for companies that require flexible bandwidth options. Scaling up or down is as simple as changing your usage plan.

Cost efficiency

In the past, on-premise infrastructure systems required costly data centers, server farms, and an experienced development team to update and manage the system on a routine basis. Implementation of cloud-based infrastructure, in comparison, makes the entire process of data retention significantly easier. Server issues and other physical obstacles inherent to on-premise architecture are a thing of the past, allowing IT members to focus on further improving systems already in place for the most streamlined process possible.

Up-front and long-term costs are also more affordable, as cloud-based architecture removes the need to spend extra capital on expensive installations and physical upgrades. The SharpeSoft cloud environment costs less to onboard when signing up, and less throughout the entire lifespan of your subscription.

Cloud Toolbar

When you open a SharpeSoft application within the cloud, the program works exactly the same as if it were installed on your local computer. You can consult the on screen Help and Training manuals to learn about using the software. However, since your software is being hosted on SharpeSoft Cloud servers, a special Cloud Toolbar is provided with selections for printing and for the transfer of data between the cloud server and your local computer. The toolbar opens when you click on the drop arrow directly below the browser address bar.

  • Print: Printing your proposals and reports within the cloud environment is done the same way you would if you were working on a locally installed system. For your convenience, generated and exported files are automatically printed to your local system.

  • PC to Server: This selection allows you to upload documents and pictures from your local computer to the Documents folder in the cloud application. You can also do this same process by pressing Shift+F8.

  • Clipboard: The clipboard is a storage area for items that have been cut or copied. Whenever you cut or copy something, it is placed in the clipboard automatically. You can then “paste” a copy of the item from the clipboard to anywhere you want. You can also do this same process by pressing Shift+F11.

  • Server to PC: When you click this button or use the Shift+F9 keyboard shortcut, it opens the File Download window, which contains any files you have uploaded to the cloud server.If you have created spreadsheets from exportable windows, they will be stored here as well. If you want to print or download a document to your local computer, you can do it from this window.

  • File Manager: The File Manager serves as a temporary container for any files you upload during the current work session. Any file listed in the File Manager can be opened within the window or saved to your local computer in the same way you would using the Server to PC button. You can also do this same process by pressing Shift+F12.


Whether you're already an avid user, or someone just looking to start getting into online architecture, SharpeSoft has got your back. We have the tools and expertise to get you up and running quickly and efficiently, so you can get back to getting the job done.

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