Field Reporter

Easily track daily progress from the field

This sister program to SharpeSoft Estimator will track job progress from the field.

Once you have won the bid using Estimator, the work that you put into creating the estimate can be transferred in the form of a budget to Field Reporter, including the amounts of labor, material, equipment, subcontractor, plugs, and other estimated costs for each sub-item.  

As your field personnel record the day’s progress on each budget item, the system automatically calculates the unit costs, costs to date and other costs associated with that workday.

  • Features
    • Field Reporter & Estimator Integration
    • Daily Log
    • Track Actual vs Estimate in real time
    • Powerful Reporting Options
    • Batch Reports
    • Track Equipment Engine Meter Readings
    • Prepare Progress Billings
    • Track Deliveries of Materials
    • Track Progress on Subcontractor Work
    • Flexible System
    • Comprehensive User Security
  • Integrations
    • American Contractor by Viewpoint
    • ComputerEase
    • Construction Partner
    • Explorer Eclipse
    • Explorer TCMS (Win-X)
    • Foundation
    • Management Suite by Viewpoint
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200)
    • Sage 300 CRE (Timberline Office)
    • Spectrum by Viewpoint (Dexter+Chaney)
    • StreetSmarts by Viewpoint
    • Vista by Viewpoint
    • …virtually any other accounting system

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SharpeSoft Estimator

The fastest and most user-friendly cost estimating and bid management solution available

SharpeSoft Field Reporter

Daily progress tracking for instant job cost comparison, payroll hours, Time and Materials (T&M), and progress billing quantities

SharpeSoft IPM

Public works construction management for public works agencies, engineers, and developers


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