Estimator Software

Bid more work in less time

Designed by an estimator, our flagship program is the most user-friendly, intuitive, and comprehensive estimator software available, allowing you to dramatically improve your productivity and bid more jobs in less time.

How can Estimator Software help?

With SharpeSoft Estimator, you will navigate quickly and easily through the most user-friendly and intuitive interface available.

In fact, it is so easy that most users can begin bidding jobs after just one training session.

Accurately estimate construction project costs and save time

Save countless hours of time dedicated to data entry by reusing completed bid items from past jobs that have been saved to your library.

In addition, you can create reusable crews and assemblies with all of their labor, equipment, materials, trucking, and other items and then load them into the estimate as a single unit, saving even more data entry time.

Improve construction bidding output and accuracy

If you need to get the bid out quickly, you can have multiple estimators work on the same job - even the same bid item - at the same time, and all of their work is automatically applied and saved in real-time.

Maximize the accuracy of your cost detail by breaking your bid items into unlimited levels and sub-item levels, so that every cost for a work item is accounted for.

Digitally send and compare quote requests

Subcontractor and Material comparisons allow you to easily create and email quote requests to your vendors and subcontractors and then compare returned quotes side by side to easily determine their best prices.

Returned quotes can be loaded into your estimate with just one click, so you are sure that you are using the latest data right up to the bid deadline.

One-click construction estimation

Using the Trench Profiler you can easily create cross-section diagrams of your trenches, automatically calculate your excavation, spoils, fill, and pipe quantities, and update related material quantities in your estimate with just one click.

Assign staff permissions and improve security

Estimator’s comprehensive security system allows you to set user access to prevent unauthorized changes to estimates, labor rates, equipment rates, company information, etc.

You can assign permissions to individual users and/or customizable user groups.

Why choose SharpeSoft as your construction software provider?

Built on the proven platform of Microsoft SQL Server, and ranked #1 in the industry in price to performance benchmarks, SharpeSoft Estimator offers excellent performance and scalability for civil construction contractors of all sizes.

By far, the most user-friendly system available, without sacrificing advanced features and functionality.

Schedule an online demonstration, or give one of our representatives a call at 800-777-0786 for information on how SharpeSoft Estimator can help you bid more jobs in less time, win more bids, and increase your bottom line.

  • Features
    • Ease of Use
    • Item Masters
    • Reusable crews and assemblies
    • Material Comparison
    • Subcontractor Comparison
    • Trench Profiler
    • Hauling Calculations
    • What-if Scenarios
    • Powerful Reporting Options
    • Batch Reports
    • Audit Trail
    • Comprehensive Security
  • Integrations
    • AASHTOWare Project Bids (Expedite)
    • American Contractor by Viewpoint
    • ComputerEase
    • Construction Partner
    • Explorer Eclipse
    • Explorer TCMS (Win-X)
    • Foundation
    • Management Suite by Viewpoint
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Project
    • Planswift
    • Primavera P6, P3, and SureTrak
    • Quick Eye Estimator
    • Sage 100 ERP (MAS 90/200)
    • Sage 300 CRE (Timberline Office)
    • Sage Master Builder
    • SharpeSoft Field Reporter
    • Spectrum by Viewpoint (Dexter+Chaney)
    • StreetSmarts by Viewpoint
    • Vista by Viewpoint
    • …virtually any other accounting or PM system

Our Software

SharpeSoft Estimator

The fastest and most user-friendly cost estimating and bid management solution available

SharpeSoft Field Reporter

Daily progress tracking for instant job cost comparison, payroll hours, Time and Materials (T&M), and progress billing quantities

SharpeSoft IPM

Public works construction management for public works agencies, engineers, and developers


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