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Set up Bids Lightning Fast with All New Estimator Express

The Estimator Express is SharpeSoft’s newest entry in its fine list of products. The construction industry is a behemoth that depends on the cooperation of multiple different people and the alignment of multiple different variables at any one given time. These are necessary not only for the success of a project, but also the safety of those men and women working out in the field.

Therefore, the best way to ensure all of these moving parts are operating for your overall benefit, is to use the most effective cost estimating software for your purposes. In this blog, we’ll go over the main benefits and differences when comparing SharpeSoft Estimator with Estimator Express.

A better alternative to spreadsheets

Estimating with standard spreadsheets is a tradition of the construction industry, yet these same bids can often be rife with potential costly mistakes. One of the biggest problems with using a spreadsheet for construction project estimating is that it requires manual data entry. This means that every time a change is made to the scope of work, someone has to go in and update the spreadsheet manually, which can easily lead to errors.

Estimator Express solves this issue by updating all data in real-time, removing the headache while keeping the results. Estimator Express also offers security measures that aren't found anywhere in traditional spreadsheets. Typically, anyone working in a regular spreadsheet has access to view and edit the entire estimate, which is not always safe from a project security perspective.

The power of a database without the cost

While most large companies are able to comfortably maintain database costs for all of the information they work with, smaller companies often don't see a need to invest in data retention. This leads to a reliance on traditional spreadsheets, and all of the potential roadblocks discussed above.

Estimator Express offers a built-in, ready-made, generic database that allows users with lower data needs to still make the most of the estimating process.

Perfect for smaller businesses or teams

Small businesses share all of the same needs and challenges as larger businesses, while also having a few of each that are unique to themselves. A fact that small businesses can’t escape is that of having fewer human resources available to commit to new projects. Who has time to devote to software research when there are jobs yet to be completed?

Lack of manpower is no reason to not have the best option available. Built with a more agile team in mind, Estimator Express allows you to stay flexible while challenging the competition.

Create a new job and be ready to bid in seconds

As shown above, Estimator Express offers a lightning-fast system capable of creating a job and being ready to send reports in just 10 minutes. Intuitive UI and around the clock support staff combine to create a user experience that simply can’t be beat. Entering information is a breeze whether it be for old clients, new clients, or projects of all sizes.

As with the SharpeSoft Estimator, Estimator Express allows multiple users to access the program at once across SharpeSoft’s cloud-based services. Teamwork and clear comprehension of the product’s capabilities are paramount to success, and SharpeSoft is here to help make that happen.

Get ready to bid with a brand new training regimen

The SharpeSoft team has been hard at work implementing a revolutionary new training system to SharpeSoft users, beginning with Estimator Express. Explore additional video and interactive content tailored specifically for clarity and ease of use. Questions designed to reinforce new knowledge are interspersed throughout the modules, bringing even a fresh estimator up to speed in no time.


Investing in the right software is an important factor to success in the construction industry. From a cost-benefit analysis, to any provided assistance, settling on a software solution is one of the biggest challenges in the construction industry.

That's why SharpeSoft is happy to be able to offer more options in the face of potential indecision. With over 30 years of experience under out belt, SharpeSoft remains committed to bringing the user the best experience possible.

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