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How Construction Estimating Software Can Help You Win More Bids for Heavy Civil Highway Projects

As a construction professional working in heavy civil construction, you know that winning bids for highway projects is an integral part of the business. Winning bids can be a challenging task, especially in today's market. It requires a lot of time, effort, and resources. However, with the advent of modern technology, it has become easier for estimators to prepare and submit winning bids.

In this blog post, our SharpeSoft team will explore how construction estimating software can help you win more bids for heavy civil highway projects.

How Construction Estimating Software Can Help You Win More Bids for Heavy Civil Highway Projects

Table of Contents:

  1. Heavy Civil Highway Construction: What is It?

  2. Why is Heavy Civil Highway Construction Necessary?

  3. How Construction Estimating Software Can Help You Win More Bids for Your Heavy Civil Highway Projects

  4. Accuracy in Estimating

  5. Visibility into the Project Lifecycle

  6. Streamlined Workflow

  7. Mobile Access

  8. Reduced Project Risk

  9. Conclusion

People Also Ask:

What is heavy highway construction?

Heavy civil highway construction refers to types of construction unrelated to building construction. Examples include highways, streets, sewers, pipelines, railroads, communication and power lines, flood control, irrigation, and marine construction.

What is a heavy civil project?

Heavy civil construction refers to complex engineering projects that aim to improve public infrastructure. Usually, these projects require careful consideration of existing structures and natural surroundings for maintenance and design.

Heavy Civil Highway Construction: What is It?

Heavy civil highway construction is a critical infrastructure component supporting the modern transportation system. These projects involve constructing and maintaining highways, roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure to ensure it's safe and efficient for drivers, pedestrians, and vehicles.

The construction of these large-scale projects involves the work of skilled professionals, including engineers, contractors, project managers, and laborers, who work together to complete the project in a timely and cost-effective manner. Whether building a new highway or repairing existing infrastructure, heavy civil highway construction is a complex field that requires careful planning, attention to detail, and a commitment to safety and quality construction.

Why is Heavy Civil Highway Construction Necessary?

Heavy civil highway construction is essential to developing and maintaining our public infrastructure. These projects are crucial to ensuring safe and efficient transportation, whether by car, truck, or public transit. The construction of highways also contributes to economic growth by increasing access to resources and connecting communities.

From building new roads to rehabilitating old ones, the work done on heavy civil highway projects has a far-reaching impact that benefits everyone.

How Construction Estimating Software Can Help You Win More Bids for Your Heavy Civil Highway Projects

The construction industry has been around for as long as civilizations have existed. Construction projects can range from simple residential homes to complex structures with intricate designs. One of the biggest challenges that construction companies face is bidding for projects.

The bidding process is competitive, and winning contracts takes work. However, construction firms can improve their chances of winning contracts with the right tools and strategies.

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Accuracy in Estimating

Accuracy in estimating is critical when it comes to winning bids. Estimators must accurately measure the quantities of materials, labor, and equipment needed for the project.

Estimating software can increase accuracy by allowing estimators to create detailed project estimates with customizable views, takeoffs, and specs. With the software, estimators can easily manage material databases, set up formulaic calculations, and track costs.

As a result, bids can be adjusted more quickly than with manual systems, which can improve responsiveness to client needs.

Visibility into the Project Lifecycle

After winning a project, it's crucial to have visibility into the project's lifecycle. Estimating software can provide the necessary visibility into the project's lifecycle. The software can track job profitability, costing, scheduling, and more.

This visibility enables estimators to analyze costs and control job performance from start to finish. As an estimator, you can make informed decisions about project phases, resource usage, and timelines.

This level of control and visibility allows you to modify job estimates and deliver projects on schedule and budget.

Streamlined Workflow

Estimating software can also streamline workflows. Unlike manual systems, the software can centralize communication, track subcontractor bids, and share data seamlessly.

By centralizing communication, everyone has visibility into the project and can keep up to date with tasks and deadlines. Regarding subcontractor bidding, bid leveling can simplify and standardize the process.

This streamlined workflow can save time, reduce manual labor, and prevent discrepancies.

Mobile Access

Mobile access to estimating software is a game-changer in the construction world. Mobile access allows estimators to take pictures, capture new site data, and measure quantities on site. It's easier to make changes when you can visualize a project from the field.

With a mobile device, estimators can access real-time data and reduce lag time, improving communication across the project. Additionally, mobile devices can help with quality control, enhancing job outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Reduced Project Risk

Lastly, construction estimating software can help reduce project risk. Risk analysis can be included in project estimates, reducing the risk of hidden costs. With data-driven insights, decision-making can become more agile and simulate, compare, and forecast data.

This can improve project outcomes, reduce payment disputes, and minimize legal implications. Estimators can also track compliance with environmental, safety, and quality standards. This reduces risk to the company, increasing customer trust and industry reputation.


Construction estimating software is an excellent tool to streamline the bidding process for heavy civil construction highway projects by improving accuracy, creating stronger bids, and much more. It can be the key to leveling the playing field and helping businesses strengthen their standing in the bid race while boosting revenue performances.

By using construction estimating software, the time saved and the consistency of creating accurate bids will help your team focus on winning more projects, boosting your industry reputation.

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