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Export Options in SharpeSoft Estimator

Exporting data from the SharpeSoft Estimator to external programs is a quick and easy way to guarantee hard work doesn’t go to waste. SharpeSoft offers support for several of the most popular estimating programs used by construction professionals today.

You can export data to and from a spreadsheet from the main Jobs window, the Bid Items windows, the Job Subcontractors window, the Audit Trail Activity window, all of the the cost database tables, and in many of the windows from the Defaults menu, such as Cost Codes and Labor and Equipment areas.

Where and how these export processes are accessed may depend on the kind of import procedure you’re looking to do. Below is a quick list and explanation for currently accepted filetypes for import into SharpeSoft Estimator.

Supported Programs

SharpeSoft offers support for multiple different external softwares, including:

  • AASHTOWare Project Bids

  • American Contractor

  • Computer Ease

  • Construction Partner

  • Explorer Eclipse

  • Explorer TCMS

  • Foundation

  • Viewpoint

  • MS Project

  • Primavera

  • Sage Management Software

  • Spectrum

In addition to the mentioned programs above, Estimator is able to export jobs to any system that accepts the Microsoft Excel format. If you are unsure if your specific product can export to Estimator, check the associated file types of your product for .csv (Commas Separated Value).

Export Process inside Estimator

For all supported filetypes, users can import data by doing the following:

  • Open Estimator.

  • Select the Utilities menu from the toolbar.

  • From the dropdown menu, select Export.

  • Choose Export Procedures, unless you know you are planning on exporting to another SharpeSoft program. You can also open the Export Procedures window directly with Alt+F11.

Additional Help

For further assistance, users can access SharpeSoft's written help documentation for each import process by pressing F1 on the keyboard, or by directly accessing the help from the toolbar by following Help > SharpeSoft Estimator Help.

Users can also discover help inside their SharpeSoft User Portal, with several different Knowledge Base articles prepared to make the import process smooth and simple.


The construction industry is full of many different moving parts, all of which are required to work in tandem in order to achieve the best possible outcome. No matter the program you use, your work should never be in danger of going to waste.

Moving your data from your old bidding or takeoff program into Estimator takes seconds, allowing you to maintain efficiency and build greater success.

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