SharpeSoft Estimator: Bid a Job from Start to Finish in just 10 minutes

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Infrastructure is back on the front burner with the President calling for a whopping $650 billion in new spending for transportation, water, sewer, and energy projects.

Combined with billions in new infrastructure spending by the states, we could see a building explosion that will push the civil construction market into the stratosphere over the next couple of decades.

With so many contractors chasing all of that money, the competition is going to get a lot more intense. To stay in the game, civil contractors are not only going to have to work smarter but a lot faster.

Enter SharpeSoft Estimator, the easiest to use, most comprehensive, accurate, and fastest civil construction estimating system you can get. If you are struggling with getting estimates out, or feel overwhelmed by too much to do and too little time, the SharpeSoft Estimator system can help you up your game and put you higher on the winner's list.

With SharpeSoft Estimator, time is on your side

If you are like most civil contractors, you’ve been in situations where you had to scramble when an unexpected job bid or request for an estimate appeared out of nowhere.

With SharpeSoft Estimator time is on your side. You can literally estimate a job and print out a winning and profitable bid proposal in less time than it takes to have coffee and doughnuts.

Want to see how? Read on, and check out our VIDEO below, in