Complete project management for public works and infrastructure agencies in a single integrated system

How can Integrated Project Management help in construction?

Integrated Project Management™ is a powerful tool for agencies, departments, and firms involved in infrastructure construction.  Designed to increase workflow efficiency and accuracy, IPM™ provides a wide range of features for every project management function, including planning, budgeting, bid management, progress tracking, and contract administration.

IPM is the only project management software suite designed specifically for local agencies, and all of its functions are integrated into a single user-friendly and intuitive interface.  Utilizing the Microsoft® SQL Server® database platform, all project information in IPM is centrally located and easily accessible.

  • Features
    • Cost Estimating
    • Bidding and Bid Results
    • Funding
    • Daily Progress
    • Contract Management
    • Project Documentation
    • Planning & Productivity
    • SharpeSoft Mobile Inspector
  • Integrations
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Project
    • Contact SharpeSoft for any others

Our Software

SharpeSoft Estimator

The fastest and most user-friendly cost estimating and bid management solution available

SharpeSoft Field Reporter

Daily progress tracking for instant job cost comparison, payroll hours, Time and Materials (T&M), and progress billing quantities

SharpeSoft IPM

Public works construction management for public works agencies, engineers, and developers


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