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Export a Quote to Excel in Estimator

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

You can import and/or export data to and from a spreadsheet from the main Jobs window, the Bid Items windows, the Job Subcontractors window, the Audit Trail Activity window, all of the the cost database tables, and in many of the windows from the Defaults menu, such as Cost Codes and Labor and Equipment areas.

Each has its own export setup window with unique data export fields that allow you to customize the information in your spreadsheet any way you want.

In the example below, we'll show you how to export a quote of selected information from the Bid Items window.

Why We Do This?

Tip and Trick: "Export a Quote to Excel in Estimator," was created with efficiency and clarity in mind. Managing the exact dimensions of the information to the export process is vital to maintaining focus on what's necessary for the job, saving you money in the long run by avoiding costly mistakes.


Flexibility and Customization Guaranteed


Export a Quote to Excel in Estimator: How To

  • Open the Job Bid Items window by either clicking on the icon on the toolbar, or select Bid Items from the Job drop-down menu.

  • Right-click anywhere in the right-hand side of the Bid Items window to open the context menu.

  • Select Export to Excel, this will open the Export to Excel window.

  • Make your selections for the spreadsheet in Available Data Fields by dragging its Field Name to a relevant area in the Export Field Mapping field.

  • You can also select Map by Order to ensure all columns and fields exactly match the data from Estimator.

  • If you know you are going to use a certain list of data fields multiple times, you can Save Format for later use.

  • Select Start Export.

Bringing the Document from the Cloud to Your Device

  • Now that the Excel file has been created, you can move it out of the cloud and onto your personal system.

  • Select the cloud toolbar arrow at the top of the screen to open the cloud toolbar.

  • Select Server to PC (second icon from the right).

  • Find your file in your Documents or wherever the Excel sheet might have been saved, then click Open.

  • A download status window will open to show you that the file has successfully been transferred to your PC. You can now open the document in Excel like normal.


The SharpeSoft Estimator is a simple tool that can help you organize and adjust your spreadsheets to give you the best user experience possible.

To learn more about general import/export information, review the Excel Import/Export blog

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