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Estimator   Estimator

  • Item Master lets you easily save bid items for re-use in other jobs
  • Subcontractor Comparison
  • Materials Comparison
  • Grouped Items
  • Trench Profiler
  • Haul Calculations
  • What-if Scenarios
  • Batch Reports
  • Audit Trail tracks bid changes
  • Import from / Export to Excel
  • Export to Primavera
  • Export to Major Accounting Systems
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Field Reporter  Field Reporter

If you use our Estimator in the office you can transfer the successful bid to the Field Reporter and instantly start tracking your jobs.  The work that you put into creating the estimate can now be transferred in the form of a budget to the Field Reporter available to your personnel in the field.  The amounts of labor, material, equipment, subcontractor, plugs and other costs estimated for each sub-item will be available on each item of the work.

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Accounting  Accounting


COMING SOON. SharpeSoft will bring our no-nonsense, contractor-centered approach to the Construction Accounting world. SharpeSoft Accounting 2008 will support full-integration with SharpeSoft Estimator and Field Reporter.

Accounting Modules will include:

  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll / Union Payroll
  • Job Cost
  • Purchase Orders
  • Expense Tracking
  • Asset Tracking / Depreciation
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IPM  Integrated Project Management (IPM) Moblie Inspector


The IPM Software is designed for agencies who put work out to bid: City and County Governments, State and City Departments of Transportation, Water Districts, Public Utilities, and more.

Your project is entered into IPM just once - that's all! With a network system, all your various departments and personnel can access the software, each working on his or her own specific tasks. While your engineers are creating estimates, another staff member can be entering all your funding sources and amounts. When it's time to track the project progress, your inspectors can use a laptop or Tablet PC to download their daily logs directly into IPM using wireless entry. Pay estimate documentation is easily generated based on the project work progress.

With the IPM software program, it's all there - seamlessly fitting together to help your agency more effectively and efficiently manage its projects. It's not a matter of if IPM can save your agency money - it's a matter of how much money IPM can save your agency!

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Version 2010B

BidConnect is a FREE program that allows contractors to submit electronic bid files to agencies that use the SharpeSoft IPM application in their bid openings. The agency exports their bid schedule from IPM and makes the resulting file avaialble for bidders to download. The contractor then downloads the file and imports it to BidConnect. BidConnect then shows the contractor each bid item and its quantity. The contractor fills in their prices and submits a BidConnect proposal file with their bid. The agency can then load the proposal file during the bid opening, eliminating data entry errors and greatly reducing the amount of time needed to create the bid tabulation.

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SharpeSoft MatConnect

Version 2016A

This free program allows Material Suppliers to easily prepare and email material quotes to users of the SharpeSoft Estimator.

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SharpeSoft SubConnect

Version 2016A

This free program allows subcontractors to easily create and email a proposal file to prime contractors using the SharpeSoft Estimator software.

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