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SharpeSoft IPM saves time - and time, as we all know, is money. If your agency personnel are creating the same jobs again and again - so one can work on engineers' estimates, and another on funding, and another on advertising, and yet another on progress pay estimates - then IPM will save you time - and money - by eliminating redundant paperwork and data entry.

Your project is entered into IPM just once - that's all! With a network system, all your various departments and personnel can access the software, each working on his or her own specific tasks. While your engineers are creating estimates, another staff member can be entering all your funding sources and amounts. When it's time to track the project progress, your inspectors can use a laptop or Tablet PC to download their daily logs directly into IPM using wireless entry. Pay estimate documentation is easily generated based on the project work progress.

With the IPM software program, it's all there - seamlessly fitting together to help your agency more effectively and efficiently manage its projects. It's not a matter of if IPM can save your agency money - it's a matter of how much money IPM can save your agency!

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Industry Solutions

• Highway & Roads • Earthwork • Underground Utility • Pipeline • Sitework • Paving • Dams • Concrete • Demolition • Grading & Excavation • Bridges • Tunnels • Civil • Plant Work • Government & Public Works Project Management • Land Development • and more...

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