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Just like you, we’ve been in the business of estimating for a long time. Starting with our own years of industry experience, we’ve made it our business to find out what you need. We’ve met with government agencies and construction engineers. We’ve studied project management and managing job costs in the field. We know what it takes to produce accurate bid requests – and bid responses. We’ve talked with field inspectors and listened to funding administrators. We know all about activity tracking, progress payments and contingency funds.

In short, we’ve made it our business to know just what you need – and we’ve answered those needs by developing software solutions that give you just what you’ve asked for.

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• Highway & Roads • Earthwork • Underground Utility • Pipeline • Sitework • Paving • Dams • Concrete • Demolition • Grading & Excavation • Bridges • Tunnels • Civil • Plant Work • Government & Public Works Project Management • Land Development • and more...

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Montana State University  

Montana State University: ASC Competition

Thanks againMontana State University: ASC Competition

Thanks againMontana State University: ASC CompetitionEstimating Team. We used Sharpesoft to prepare our estimate and won 1st place at the ASC Competition. The software cut our estimating time in half and allowed us to focus on the job details. This is the sole reason we won the estimate. Thanks again for helping us win first place,

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